Terms and conditions

These comprehensive terms and conditions establish a robust framework for the partnership between APSM Solutions and its clients, ensuring clarity, protection of interests, and a structured approach to service provision.

Acceptance of Terms

Clients, upon entering into an engagement with APSM Solutions for IT and Digital Marketing services, acknowledge their understanding and wholehearted acceptance of the terms and conditions articulated herein. This mutual agreement forms the foundational framework for the collaborative partnership between the client and APSM Solutions.

Service Engagement

With a commitment to excellence, APSM Solutions pledges to deliver the meticulously outlined IT and Digital Marketing services agreed upon with the client. Additionally, the company remains open to negotiations regarding any supplementary services that may enhance the project’s scope, fostering a collaborative spirit throughout the engagement.

Payment Terms

In an atmosphere of financial transparency, clients are duty-bound to adhere diligently to the clearly delineated payment terms presented in the invoice. The timely fulfillment of financial obligations is pivotal to the uninterrupted provision of services by APSM Solutions. Non-compliance with these terms may necessitate the suspension or termination of services.


Mutual trust is at the core of the client-APSM Solutions relationship. Both parties solemnly commit to upholding the confidentiality of each other’s proprietary information. This commitment extends to refraining from disclosure or use of such information for any purpose beyond the agreed-upon service provisions.

Intellectual Property

Recognizing the significance of innovation, any intellectual property arising during the course of the engagement shall be the exclusive possession of APSM Solutions, unless otherwise expressly agreed upon through written consent. This safeguard ensures a clear delineation of ownership and usage rights for all involved parties.

Project Timelines

In the spirit of collaborative efficiency, both APSM Solutions and the client pledge to actively participate in adhering to the outlined project timelines. Open lines of communication will be maintained to promptly address any unforeseen challenges, ensuring a collective effort to achieve project milestones within the specified timeframe.


Effective and transparent communication stands as the bedrock of project success. Both APSM Solutions and the client commit to providing timely and constructive feedback, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and mutual understanding throughout the engagement.

Termination of Services

Should the need arise for termination of services, either party is required to furnish written notice. In such instances, clients acknowledge their responsibility to compensate APSM Solutions for services rendered up to the termination date, ensuring a fair and equitable conclusion to the engagement.


Recognizing the complexities of the digital landscape, clients pledge to indemnify APSM Solutions, assuming responsibility for any claims, damages, or expenses that may arise as a consequence of utilizing the services provided.

Governing Law

The terms and conditions articulated herein are subject to the laws of the specified jurisdiction, creating a legal framework for the resolution of any disputes that may arise during the course of the engagement. Dispute resolution will be conducted through arbitration, ensuring a fair and impartial resolution process.


To accommodate the evolving nature of business landscapes, APSM Solutions retains the right to make amendments to these terms. Clients will be duly informed of any changes, and their continued engagement following the notification will signify acceptance of the updated terms.

Force Majeure

Recognizing the unpredictable nature of external events, neither party shall be held liable for the failure or delay in performing obligations due to force majeure, encompassing acts of nature, government actions, or unforeseen technical impediments. This provision ensures a level of flexibility and understanding in navigating unforeseen challenges during the course of the engagement.