Client Overview:

The Hackensack Police Department (Hackensack PD) serves the community of Hackensack, New Jersey. As a cornerstone of public safety and law enforcement, the department plays a crucial role in maintaining order and protecting citizens.


Before collaborating with APSM Solutions, Hackensack PD faced several challenges in establishing its online presence and optimizing communication channels:

Lack of Online Presence: The department operated without a dedicated website, hindering its ability to effectively disseminate crucial information and engage with the community.

Outdated Technology: Hackensack PD’s absence from the digital sphere resulted in missed opportunities to leverage modern technology for streamlined operations and enhanced community outreach.

Limited Communication: With a centralized platform, the department could provide timely updates, share important announcements, and communicate with residents efficiently.

APSM Solutions Approach:

Recognizing the critical need for a robust online presence and effective communication channels, APSM Solutions implemented a comprehensive approach to address Hackensack PD’s challenges:

Strategic Planning: APSM Solutions conducted thorough research and collaborated closely with Hackensack PD to understand its unique requirements, goals, and target audience.

Custom Website Development: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, APSM Solutions designed and developed a bespoke website tailored to Hackensack PD’s needs. The website prioritized functionality, responsiveness, and user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility across devices.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration: To empower Hackensack PD with autonomy and flexibility, APSM Solutions integrated a user-friendly CMS, enabling easy content updates, news postings, and event announcements.

Community Engagement Features: APSM Solutions implemented interactive features such as online forms, event calendars, and social media integration to facilitate community engagement and foster transparent communication between Hackensack PD and residents.



The partnership between Hackensack PD and APSM Solutions yielded transformative outcomes, including:

Establishment of Online Presence: Hackensack PD now boasts a professional, user-friendly website that serves as a centralized hub for information, resources, and community engagement.

Enhanced Communication: With the new website in place, Hackensack PD can disseminate critical updates, share departmental news, and interact with residents in real time, fostering trust and transparency.

Improved Efficiency: Implementing a CMS empowers Hackensack PD personnel to manage website content efficiently, ensuring timely updates and seamless information dissemination.

Positive Community Impact: The revitalized online presence has strengthened Hackensack PD’s relationship with the community, facilitating outreach initiatives, promoting public safety awareness, and encouraging citizen participation in law enforcement efforts.

APSM Solutions’ strategic approach to website development and maintenance has empowered Hackensack PD to overcome its challenges, establish a robust online presence, and enhance communication channels with the community, ultimately advancing its mission of serving and protecting the residents of Hackensack, New Jersey.